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A True Criminal 
Defense Law Firm

Where we treat every case as an opportunity to do justice.

Murphy Law Office, P.C.

Is a unique criminal defense law firm.  We are not a “volume” firm.  We are not a “general practice” firm.  We only accept a select group of clients and cases at any one time.   And, we only do criminal defense cases.

This means that each client gets our full attention.  We are not distracted by hundreds of files or dozens of clients.  We have ample time to meet with clients to make sure that they are fully involved in every aspect of their case.  Each case is afforded the time necessary to achieve the optimal result.

It also means that we can stay current at both the state and federal level of the constant developments in criminal law.  We are not distracted by developments in other areas of the law.  We don’t cut corners when it comes to researching and analyzing the issues that arise in your criminal case.  

What does this mean for you, the client?  It means that when you are represented by John Murphy, you won’t be competing with dozens of other clients for appointment times.  You will not wait weeks to get an appointment.  Your phone calls and emails will not go unanswered.  And, your case will never be handed off to an associate attorney.

If you are being investigated for alleged criminal conduct and want your case to be handled by a firm that only handles a few, select criminal files at a time,  call 605-342-2909 for a free initial consultation.

Get a Personal Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation.  During that consult, we will assess whether your case is right for our firm, and whether we have sufficient time to do it justice.  All consultations are by appointment only, but we offer flexible hours to accommodate potential clients’ work and family obligations.